Even for an organization that launches rockets and explores space, we value keeping our employees & guests safe from slip and fall accidents. DropStopper helps us out with that across our facilities.
Carla M. Bell
Supply Management Specialist @ NASA
Our employees and our customers love using the DropStopper, and it has really helped us with keeping our Shoppers DM clean and slip-hazard-free. On top of that, the customer service provided by DropStopper was exemplary, as they were always following up with us to make sure we had no issues.
Tony Cho
Store Manager @ Shoppers Drug Mart
Keeping our guests safe and ensuring they have a positive experience is our top priority. Our DropStoppert wet umbrella bag bagger is just one of the many ways we promote these values.
Nia Davis
Guest Services @ Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel
Trump Hotel Toronto uses the Aquatic dispenser to show how much we care about our guests. We love how it helps keep our property safe & clean.
Mickael C. Damelincourt
General Manager @ Trump Hotel Toronto